oh arsenal we love you
fifteen, i love football and i support arsenal. i read and use photoshop quite a bit. interests also include sherlock, harry potter, nicholas sparks movies, reign, tennis, youtubers, eminem and il divo.

okay hi there these are just some pictures i thought i’d share with you when i got the chance to meet arsenal last month.

i know how some people feel when they see other people taking pictures with your loved ones whatsoever haha, i’m kinda sorry but i had the time of my life and if you haven’t then you probably will soon bc you know everyone deserves this as much or maybe even more than i do haha k enjoy bai i hope you guys don’t hate me

ok haha cute story remember how i told you chambo was all like hey jenko look at the camera man and jenko was like sorry yeah well look at the third row haha ok bai 

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